Lilyjean's Early Life

Lilyjean is a Nigerian/Cameroonian. She has a Bsc in Geology at the university of Port Harcourt and OND in Microbiology/Virology in Uniport.She was clearly destined for stardom, having displayed a talent for dancing and singing naturally from childhood, from the crib onwards her talents really began to take notice at age 7. Having lead the choir in her local community church and enrolled in the choir in secondary school. She was readily able to take the position of lead singer and encouraged onwards. Having built up an excellent following in Cameroon, she moved to Nigeria and that's where the magic began. She began to become a local hit performing while at the university revenues and local as well. It was then she was encouraged to pursue a career in modeling, and had engaged in several fashion show events, but her music and acting became the driving force of her passion.

How It All Started

Lilyjean is a beautiful sight to behold ! Not only is she a beautiful sight to behold but she brings to her audience such class, combined with a sensual grace and sexiness, that leaves the critics raving for more. Combined with sexxiness, as a great singer, songwriter, actress, who having blazed a trail in the modeling scene is an all around multi-talented entertainer. She presents a new innovation in the current sound and genre of Nigeria's Afro-Pop, infused with other genres, which leaves you and her audience wanting more.

Her Acting Career

Her acting career has also garnered much attention and demand for more in Nollywood film industry. She has won several awards like "Best Female Act", "Best Pop/Rock", "Best Naija Urban", "Best listener's choice award", just to name a few. Her strongest point is her versatility, as she can switch from Pop/Rock to R&B andReggae Dance Hall.

Lilyjean's References

Here is a list of some references:

  • She played one of the housemates in the popular"Next Movie Star Reality Show"
  • She has acted in several national television miniseries
  • Host of Nollywood movies marketed for global video markets